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Belgia õpetaja otsib koostööpartnerit Eestist

Belgia õpetaja Guy Verzele (e-post: sb180483(ätt)skynet.be)otsib koostööpartnerit Eestist kes osaleks kooliteatrite koostööprojektis.

I am a Belgian teacher. I am looking for a school in or near Tallinn to start an eTwinning project about theatre of the absurd. We are planning a play in collaboration with the city theatre of Ghent www.ntgent.be and two other schools. But we also very much would like our students to talk about absurdism with fellow European youngsters.

Why Tallinn? I know from a visit with my theatre group in 1999 (and contacts afterwards) it is quite an artistic city and there’s a lot of will to explore Europe. It’s also a ancient city, just as the town where I am teaching: Oudenaarde www.oudenaarde.be (near Ghent).

I already started a (trial) blog for teachers concerning the subject: http://kingabsurd.classy.be/.

My purpose is to look for a school in Prague (CZ) also (for similar reasons) in order to - later on- start a Comenius project on theatre, minorities, Shakespeare’s Richard III, power, etc.

The pupils are about 17 to 18 years old and are in the non-compulsory project on a free base.

Guy Verzele

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