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Saksa õpetaja otsib partnerit Eestist

Head õpetajad, Saksa kolleeg otisib partnerit Eestist. Allpool tema kiri ja koostöösoov.


About the children who want to write:

They are 9 or 10 years old. They attend the class 4 of a primary school and they will stay at this school till class 6, till summer 2009. They have started learning English in class 1 (1 lesson a week), now they have 3 lessons a week and they are able to write and understand easy letters.
There are 31 children in the class and they are all keen on using the English language for a real purpose.

They live in the middle of Berlin in the department called Schöneberg – Friedenau. The area is quite green, with old blocks of flats (1900), balconies and little front gardens. The address of our school is:

Ruppin Grundschule
Offenbacher Str. 5a
14197 Berlin

About the teacher who wants to start this project:

My name is Cornelia Eckes-Boehmer and I’ve been an English teacher for 25 years. I’ve had pen friendships with several English speaking countries – but the idea to correspond with a partner who has English as a foreign language as well – seems an ideal situation to me.

I’m especially interested in a pen friendship with Estonia due to my personal Estonian roots (my mother grew up in Pernau, my grandfather taught at the university of Dorpat) and because of the European spirit which unites us now.

About what could we write?

There are plenty of possibilities – lives, interests, family, festivals, customs, surrounding …

How could we write?

Handwritten letters by snail mail, emails, every child, only interested children, ??? We will find out - then.

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Cornelia Eckes-Boehmer teatas, et partner Eestist on leitud.