neljapäev, jaanuar 25, 2007

Saksa kool otsib partnerit

eTwinningu rahvuslik kasutajatugi Saksamaalt palus Eesti õpetajate seas allpool toodud teadet levitada.

School orchestra looking for partner ensemble in music exchange project

The orchestraband of the Erich Kaestner High School/ Junior College Eislingen/ South Germany is looking for a string orchestra, a dance group and/ or multi media
art group to join in an international concert project.
Programm could be Mussorgsky's "Pictures of an exhibition", classical or baroque music or a general theme interesting for both groups ("moves", "colours", "seasons" or else)

Age group: 11-19 years (High School/ Junior High)

Group size: 25-30 students from both sides

Time frame: Summer/ autumn 2007

Logistics: Several Concerts at representative places in both partner countries

Countries: Any country within or in the reach of Europe

Experience: Both conductor an ensemble have run acclaimed projects with institutions in Asis (Singapore, St. Margaret's Sec School, Hong Kong, German School) and Europe (Oyonnax, France,Conservatoire National)

Join in the music! or,

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